Thursday, 5 August 2010

Life Waited

This is a brief life-update for anyone who may have been wondering. It is a cathartic double-underline scrawl on my quest for success on the other side of the wizard’s curtain. After going back to school to finish my studies in music production, followed by a year’s apprenticeship in a studio, I have started to get some really exciting cuts as a songwriter. These have already led to bigger and better writing sessions and the momentum itself has begun to give me the sense of being an authentic and relevant member of society. Battlecat and I couldn’t be happier in the flat in Brighton. I drive my 2cv to London everyday, roof down weather permitting, work on music, then return to the awesome (if not perhaps mildly tragic) bachelor evening of pizza, a bottle of red wine and a 1970’s horror/exploitation VHS. OK… perhaps that isn’t everybody’s dream life, but it’s mine!

I feel as though I have found a secret way of keeping the wolf from the door while still making a new song everyday. I started a production company… I may even finish my novel one-day. I still have plans to try my hand at a solo record (I broke both my elbows half-way through promoting my first solo single =[) but for now I have a spring in my step and music in my head. I can’t think of much else I really need.